What is E-Wrestling?


First off, Welcome. So, you're either a fan of wrestling, a fan of writing, and possibly even better, you're a fan of both. You either us found through word of mouth, Google, social media, or whatever, you found us. Now you're saying: "What the hell is this?". I'll keep this short and sweet so you can get started. This game of our has progressed quite a bit over the years, so I feel I should get started with just a bit of history. Like fantasy football or baseball, the game started off years ago where a fan of wrestling could enter statistical leagues. One could handle a wrestler or multiple wrestlers and gain wins and points off certain aspects of rules, given by their league. Early leagues started mostly through wrestling magazines and the games were participated through mail. As years went by and the internet progressed, the game shifted into a sort of what we now see today.
E-mail leagues took over, then bulletin boards, and eventually full blown websites as you see today.

So what do you? Well, all leagues (or feds) are different. Some you can handle a real life professional, such as Seth Rollins or even Stone Cold Steve Austin. Some are 100% original. Here at efedzone.com, we encourage originality. Here, you can create your own federation, and your own wrestler. The object of the game is to creatively write (roleplay) as your wrestler in order to win a match against another user's wrestler. You're wrestler comes to life through your writing, your character develops, and his/her situation is altered through the events that take place during the federation's events. You like the drama of your favorite wrestling program on TV? Well, you can expect it tenfold with the creative minds of some our fedheads are at efedzone.com. Maybe you're one of those minds, and you don't want a wrestler, you want to run the entire league. Our site is set up for you to easily create that league and grow in roster members of wrestlers handled by other registered users on the site.

To get started, my first suggestion would be to take a look at some of our feds, look at the roleplay boards, and see how these promos are written. Once you get the idea, go ahead and create your own wrestler. Find an active feds that seems to suit you, and get involved. All of our feds have their own specific forums, so you can get to know other users personally. We also have a massive community, sitewide, who would be more than happy to show you the ropes.

Welcome to our game, you'll find it highly addictive, but most of all, like all other games, it's supposed to be fun. Sure, it can get competitive at times, but that is where you thrive as a writer. Let your imagination come to life, and have a blast, and welcome to EFedZone.com.