***DATELINE 16th MARCH 2018***


All roads, for the longest time, have been leading here. And here, finally, we are. In the middle of the ring, at Masquerade III, Dylan Erickson will face the enigma known only as 'D' for the vacant Riot Star Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship. Only it's not that simple, because the ever cunning Nocturnal used one of the wishes granted to him by Armand von Krauss to be inserted into the match, and now it's a threeway. A threeway where all three competitors start the match in a cell. Were that not violent enough as a stipulation, the only way to win is to break out of the cell, climb it, and retrieve the title belt which is suspended from the rafters high above it!

In the co-Main Event, a match that's been a year in the making. RSW founder Rob Riot takes on the monster who's run roughshod over the roster and put the whole company at risk - Garmr. Riot wants to stop Garmr for good, whereas Garmr views the legendary Englishman as the only fight worth having left to him. Beating the beast has seemed nigh on impossible up to this point; does Riot have it in him to rise to the occasion one more time? 

Isaiah Zepp has only a marginally less enviable task, as he attempts to prise the RSW Legacy Championship from the fingers of the Modern Day Viking, Ragnar Magnusson. Magnusson is another who has steamrolled all who've stood in his way up to this point; does the resourceful Zepp have the tools to turn the tide? 

With other epic clashes up and down the card - including the traditional "Masquerade Ball", which will see new contenders crowned to face the RSW Tag Team Champions Eddie Havok & Caleb Koresh, Masquerade will once again be one of the highlights of the pro wrestling year. If you can't catch it live in Hong Kong, be sure to tune in to the EFZ Network on the night! 


RSW PRESENTS ANARCHY 35 Posted 6 days ago by RSW

***DATELINE 15th MARCH 2018***


The long road is over. Anarchy 35 has hit the air, and we now know who will be competing in the Main Event of Masquerade for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship. So why on Earth are you here reading this, instead of checking out what went down in Beijing, China? Somebody should have seen this coming, but nobody did. Safe to say the bookmakers had it wrong, and so did the entire wrestling world. Two of the biggest names in RSW now face unclear paths to the Pay Per View, and we are almost certain to have a brand new name engraved on the World Heavyweight Championship....or are we? 

Waste no more time, check the event out right now!

XCW to reopen in March 2018!!!!! Posted 3 weeks ago by XCW

Hello everyone, after the short closer XCW has rebuilt their staff team, and is ready to reopen the fed. We the staff of XCW wanted to do a Roll Call of people who are still around, and want to stay with us as we reopen. If you are new and would like to join XCW we welcome you as well. This ROLL CALL is very important for our (staff & writers) benefit so that we can get the Roster page up to date but it can also help with weeding out inactives in the title divisions as well, and also planning out our first card in March.  Please go ----> HERE in the XCW forums for more directions. Thank you, we hope to see everyone soon!

If you know anyone that is into the classic roleplaying venture as "efedding" please let them know. Opening up in March can be a reality if we garner enough buzz from people interested in doing this. Like I've always said, a efed's longevity is mostly/usually directly linked to numerous active members on the roster.


Test Posted 1 month ago by DSE

Matt Nitro is one of the most electrifying individuals to ever lace up a pair of wrestling boots, walk through that curtain, and compete inside the squared-circle

Join EWE! Posted 1 month ago by EWE

Greetings to all e-wrestlers\roleplayers. I've set up an e-federation at XHF Network named Elite Warzone Entertainment.

What is e-wrestling?!
The object of the game is to creatively write (roleplay) as your wrestler in order to win a match against another user's wrestler. Your wrestler comes to life through your writing, your character develops, and his/her situation is altered through the events that take place during the federation's events. Do you like the drama of your favorite wrestling program on TV? Well, you can expect it tenfold with the creative minds at XHF Network

What is EWE?
Elite Warzone Entertainment is a very small wrestling company set in Iberia, Portugal. Elite Warzone Entertainment ring mixes entertainment with the traditional wrestling with a lot of modern elements. Their shows have a very vocal crowd with the Latin temperament, which is a great environment for the wrestlers and the show itself. Almost any wrestling style will be accepted in the company as long the wrestler has the skills to be part of the show. The local wrestling company will start promoting shows soon, as for the moment they prepare their debut in Portugal, despite the advertisement the prestige still has to be built but there's a sense of greatness within the company.

You can expect loads of psychology and input in every single match in the card. Immersive style of writing to get you hooked on the show. Lots of drama, fun and of course your character will do the rest! After all, you are a wrestler, right?

What can you expect?
Weekly shows and monthly PPVs, old-school. Every show will be uploaded in time. You will have multiple guides at your disposal, so beginners are more than welcome. The XHF Network where EWE is located is very friendly and you have multiple e-feds to choose from. EWE is at the moment one of newest. I plan to do weekly live events, smaller house shows, and a monthly supercard. There aren't RP limits and there aren't limits for match writing. The limit is your creativity!

JOIN NOW! I'm sure you will like how the show goes down in a very methodical and traditional wrestling way where your character will be the star! Your roleplays will adjust the psychology of your wrestler in-ring and you will get the true feel of roleplaying Wrestling. Don't have to roleplay every week to appear on the show!