Portimão Arena in Portimão, Algarve, Portugal
EWE: A new wrestling federation in Portugal officially announced it's opening
This afternoon in Portimão, Portugal was being held an event to award the city's sports athletes and to accentuate the investment that is being made by the city council in order to give physcial activicty options and entertainment to the residents and thousands of tourists that visit the beautiful city of Portimão. The city's football club, Portimonense, climbed their way to Primeira Liga (the portuguese premiership), their artistic skating team is also reaching higher leagues, the basketball team also and they were all nomitade to be rewarded by the city. And when we think in this evolution, nothing of this would be realistic 6 years ago.
The arena was full. Mostly to see the football superstars since it's the king sport in Europe. The awards were being given and after a short break the city mayor spoke to the audience for the first time as he opened the second part of the ceremony.
City Mayor:  Good afternoon, citizens of Portimão! I'm more than delighted to see all the diversity and all the greatness we can find within our city. Thirty six thousand residents that work hard everyday and certainly you are the biggest inspiration for these athletes, I remember João when he was young. He never had shrimps to eat but he was always playing football outside with his friends and thanks to that happiness of his and his friends the neighbourhood got a football field!
People clap as the mayor pauses..
City Mayor: His family never had much but at the same time, they had all! They had education, respect, love and surely João's parents did a great job with him against all odds.
People start to cheer the mayor and chanting João's name, a football player that came from the ghetto, the mayor paused and listened to the happy crowd.
City Mayor: I learned a thing or two with João and his family. That you can never give up on your believes! This city hasn't reached this level with the arms crossed! We have worked hard all winter, now it's time to pick up the fruits!
Another pop in the crowd that seems to like very much his mayor and his work, a strange thing in South Europe, where corruption is the main dish.
City Mayor: But as you already know. I'm never satisfied. Oh no! We are one of the most eclectic sports city in Portugal but we can't forget the people who were born here and achieved something big in life. So let me introduce, a name you might be familiar with, he was once the creative leader of the biggest portuguese wrestling company, the one and only, THE GENIUS! PEDRO BENEVIDES!!!!
There's a mix reaction from the crowd as the small portuguese on his black suit enters the stage. After all he is still appointed as one of the main reason behind the fall of the portuguese wrestling company. The mayor looks at Benevides smiles and shows him the way encouraging him to speak to the people.
"The Genius" comes near the microphone and slaps it with is finger in order to test it before he starts to speak. He doesn't look nervous at all, after all he was a evil character so it's quite used to bad reactions.

Pedro Benevides: Good afternoon, everybody!
Some people answer, others look to the side, the mayor starts to become anxious because if nothing changes he might be losing the event that he put on top with his words, even lose votes...

Pedro Benevides: Ok! Since you people don't want to hear me, let me speak a bit about the truth! I HAD NOTHING... but... NOTHING to do with the ending of the Portuguese Wrestling Company. Why don't you ask who took all the money?
The arena remains silent and the mayor says something into Benevides's ear and they start speaking with each other. Not everything is understandable.
Mayor "... go on... announce... go..."

Pedro "right...alright..."
Benevides comes closer to the mic while the arena gossips.
Pedro Benevides: I don't love you, I don't like people! People make me smoke and smoking makes me die and guess what? I don't want to die! But one thing I loved and that was my wrestling show! And don't deny it... You loved it too! That's why the arenas were so full! And I came here today to announce to you that everything is set up and I! WILL BRING GREAT WRESTLING BACK TO PORTUGAL!

The arena pops a little bit but there is still a vast part that doesn't care at all about the genius.

Pedro Benevides: ELITE WARZONE ENTERTAINMENT! EWE! will be even better. You will soon forget about all that. I've been 5 years on hiatus, traveling the world, learning from other creative leaders, learning more about the wrestling industry then I started to search the best competitors from all over the globe and EWE will be delivering the best wrestling and entertainment content in the whole world.
Clearly some excitement begins to grow at least in the younger ones in the audience that love to watch wrestling on their TV's and play wrestling games but have never been in a Live Event before. The Mayor already looks more relaxed and puts a smile on his face.
Pedro Benevides: "Elite" cause only the "Elite" will compete here! "Warzone" because there are going to be a lot of wars! "Entertainment" because that's what brings people to the cinema, to the theatre, just like in a wrestling show. Here there will be a sense of competition and the fans can't predict who really can win a bout before it happens. So let me ask a question. Please answer with honesty. WHO WANTS TO SEE EWE's FIRST SHOW LIVE HERE AT PORTIMÃO ARENA?!?!
The younger ones started to scream "I DO! I DO! I DO!" and after a small amount of time at least a third of the arena started to support Benevides.
Pedro Benevides: Now! That's Better! Not what I want but maybe what you think I deserve. Join us at xhf09.proboards.com/board/266/elite-warzone-entertainment to keep track of all the news regarding the company. I don't know how long it will take but one thing I promise to you! I will debut EWE here! In Our City of Portimão! Thank you very much for your time, I hope to see you soon at one of the EWE'S events.
Pedro Benevides finished his speech and shaked the mayor's hand who took the mic again to proceed the event.

One thing is certain, Pedro Benevides will have a long way ahead of him in order to keep EWE up and to win the portuguese hearts again who liked his show despite of him being such a Villian Genius.